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Rehabilitated agricultural land in Yi O

Since ancient times, Lantau Island had been famous for its fishery and salt industries, and more of its residents were engaged in the fishery and salt industries than those in agriculture. Even so, Lantau Island had its unique local products. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, there were agarwood in Sha Lo Wan and Lantau tea. And in modern times, there were Wan Mo (Cloud and Mist) tea in Ngong Ping, milk from Trappist Dairy in Tai Shui Hang, Hakka Cha Kwo in Tai O, Begonia fimbristipula hance drinks, wolframite mines in Sha Lo Wan, and so on.

As for the agricultural development along the coast of North-west Lantau, each village had its own distinctive geographical and cultural customs which left us with many interesting agricultural stories. By the end of the last century, agriculture in the whole area had declined, and people no longer lived on farming. The fields were abandoned or used for other purposes. It seems that there are no new agricultural stories. Until recent years, some individuals and groups started trying to resume farming in Tung Chung, Yi O, Mui Wo and other places on Lantau Island. You may have seen or tasted their agricultural products there or at Tai O Market or weekend farmers’ markets in the urban area, or ordered their rice or special sauces online. You may have even participated in their special activities such as farming experience workshops, local food classes and eco-agriculture guided tours. Let’s stay tune for what wonderful stories the future development of agriculture on Lantau Island will bring us!