Future Lantau

Lantau Development Advisory Committee (LanDAC) has suggested a number of strategic proposals to promote developing Lantau as the Space for All. Your views are welcome.​

Social Development

It is suggested to enhance the existing community facilities and improve the design of new community facilities to create a living and working environment of low-carbon, high-quality and modern smart city concept to increase the community appeal to attract talent.

In addition, it is suggested to diversify education services to attract families with children to live and work in Lantau and their children can attend local schools. This would help enrich the demographic composition of Lantau, match the needs of future jobs and facilitate development of the local economy. Also, training centres or educational facilities having close connections with Lantau, which may offer tertiary education programmes in aircraft services engineering and tourism, should be developed. Moreover, particular attention should be drawn to the provision of youth and children services to match with the expected younger population mix at Lantau.