Nature Conservation, Leisure and Recreation

Our Nature

  • Rich bio-diversity
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Precious ecology and habitats

Our Heritage

  • Valuable cultural heritage
  • Abundant history and tradition
  • Unique rural character

Existing Nature and Cultural Resources

Bio-diversity & important ecological areas

  • Pui O wetland
  • Mudflat habitat at Yi O
  • Sandflat habitat at Shui Hau
  • Mangroves at Tai O

Cultural heritage

  • Declared monuments,
    e.g. Fan Lau Fort
  • Graded historic buildings,
    e.g. Yeung Hau Temple
  • Tai O dragon boat water parade
  • Stilt houses in Tai O
  • Silvermine Cave in Mui Wo

Conserve nature

Existing condition

Marine Park

  • As at 2016, there are 2 existing Marine Parks (Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park and The Brothers Marine Park)
  • Area of about 2,200 ha

Country Park

  • North Lantau (Extension) Country Park of 2,360 ha was designated in 2008
  • 3 Country Parks in Lantau (Lantau South, Lantau North and Lantau North (Extension)) have a total land area of about 10,200 ha and occupy about 70% of Lantau

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

  • 8 SSSIs in Lantau


Designate marine park

  • Designate 4 marine parks in Lantau waters
  • Total area about 5,000 ha

Conserve mudflat and sandflat habitats

Explore measures to avoid disturbance to the existing habitats and promote educational or eco-tours, in collaboration with NGOs

Strengthen protection of Country Park enclaves

Strengthen protection of 5 enclaves outside country park

Conserve Pui O wetland

Explore measures to conserve wetland habitats, in collaboration with NGOs

Explore funding support for conservation

Explore funding support to facilitate conservation projects at Lantau, for example, Environment and Conservation Fund has earmarked $30 million in 2017/18 for supporting nature conservation projects in South Lantau

Preserve rural character and graded historic buildings

Promote Tai O Culture & History

Promote Tai O culture and history by exploring opportunity to establish exhibition centre

Promote the traditions

Promote the traditions such as making shrimp paste and salted fish in Tai O by experiencing tour

Preserve graded historic buildings

Preserve the graded historic buildings in Lantau, particular in Tai O and Mui Wo

Demonstrate salt-panning in Tai O

Explore feasibility to demonstrate salt-panning and agricultural activities

Enhance management measures

Enhance management measures

  • Continue to collaborate with green/conservation groups and stakeholders in identifying conservation initiatives
  • Strengthen control on illegal dumping through an inter-departmental working group
  • Explore appropriate measures and actions against illegal dumping

Sustainable leisure and recreational uses

Sustainable leisure and recreational uses

Preserve the predominant part of Lantau and provide sustainable leisure and recreational uses in less sensitive areas

Cycle track

Aim to provide about 20 km cycle track between Tung Chung and Sunny Bay and study the feasibility of providing about 11 km cycle track along south Lantau from Pui O to Shui Hau

Hiking/walking trails

Enhance hiking/walking trails linking up individual traditional villages with supporting facilities

Mountain bike trail and training ground

Enhance 17 km existing mountain bike trail from Pui O to Kau Ling Chung and provide a training ground at Mui Wo. Also study the possibility of providing a round-the-island cycle track/mountain bike network

Camping grounds

Establish 4 camping grounds along south Lantau and encourage themed camping facilities. Traditional camping grounds will also be explored at appropriate locations in Lantau

Promote leisure and recreational activities

Flowers/trees appreciation

Plant seasonal flowers/specialty themed trees at Ngong Ping and at a section of old Tung Chung Road for public enjoyment

Water sports centre

Explore the provision of a water sports centre at Pui O for public enjoyment during summer

Adventure park

Explore the provision of an adventure park to complement existing active recreational uses


Promote eco-tours and educate the public to appreciate and preserve the rich natural and cultural assets in Lantau

Beach volley ball court

Set up a beach volley ball court at Cheung Sha beach and arrange contest for promoting the sport