Lantau Conservation and Recreation Masterplan (with Lantau Trails and Recreation Plan)


Under the overarching principle of "Development in the North; Conservation for the South" adopted in the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint and the characters of different parts of Lantau, the Sustainable Lantau Office of Civil Engineering and Development Department has formulated the Lantau Conservation and Recreation Masterplan (the Masterplan) to provide a framework guiding our conservation and recreation initiatives, and orchestrate public and private projects better for achieving synergy in conservation of Lantau

The Masterplan is prepared towards the direction of Conservation of Lantau, including: (1) protection and enhancement, (2) public involvement, as well as (3) public enjoyment. Being multi-faceted, the Masterplan represents a point-line-plane approach, with various attractions, activities and event bases linked up by connectors in term of trails, bike network, road/water transport to form five major themed clusters:

  1. North Lantau Recreation Corridor;
  2. Northwest Lantau Eco-Cultural Corridor;
  3. South Lantau Eco-Recreation Corridor;
  4. Rural Township Improvement; and
  5. Hiking Hub.

Under the theme of "Hiking Hub", we have formulated the Lantau Trails and Recreation Plan and will take forward this visionary plan in phases for developing Lantau into a Hiking Hub for people in Hong Kong.

Individual conservation projects to be submitted under the Lantau Conservation Fund could be prioritised if it fits in the planning intention of the Masterplan.