HKIUD Urban Design Awards 2019


We are delighted that the water-friendly and eco-friendly waterfront design of Tung Chung New Town Extension (TCNTE) was awarded with the Grand Award (Plan/Concept Category) in the Urban Design Awards 2019 organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design.

The conceptual design of the Tung Chung East (TCE) waterfront aims at instilling vitality and liveliness into the promenade, which will be designed as the lively core under the overall master landscape plan of TCE. The promenade, with a total length of about 4.9 km, will be provided with cycle tracks and walking trails linking to the park network and Centrel Green in the area, and connected to the Tung Chung town centre, TCE and Tai Ho Wan. Adjoining the commercial, residential and community facility zones, the promenade will be created as a space for sharing by the public for promotion of community exchange, in light of the features of the neighbouring zones and facilities. Hotel, retail and catering projects will be launched in the nearby places along the promenade, in creation of spacious outdoor spaces for amenity and recreational events, thereby allowing more diversified and lively activities to take place in the vicinity of the promenade.

Making use of the opportunities brought by the TCNTE, we manage to provide an eco-shoreline, with a total length of about 3.8 km, in TCE, with a view to enhancing biodiversity and forming a "lively" seawall through mimicking the physical properties of natural inter-tidal zones. Having regard to the surrounding environmental factors, we will introduce various types of eco-shorelines in the TCE waterfront, including mangrove eco-shorelines, rocky eco-shorelines, and vertical eco-shorelines. In addition, viewing galleries will be provided at the vertical seawall, in a bid to facilitate the public's close observation of marine lives on bio-tiles, while showcasing the marine ecology by means of "outdoor classrooms" to promote a water-friendly culture in an interactive manner.