The Joy of Navigating - Tai O Traditional Sampan Workshops

2023.05.28 - 2023.10.15

The Sustainable Lantau Office has commissioned the Tai O Cultural Association to plan and organise the "The Joy of Navigating - Tai O Traditional Sampan" Exhibition at the Tung Chung Community Liaison Centre from 2022 to 2024 to introduce Tai O traditional sampan culture to the public. Seven "Tai O Traditional Sampan Workshops" were also organised in 2023, leading participants to visit Tai O and experience sampan rides as well as the fishing village culture of Tai O. The workshops have received enthusiastic responses with over one thousand participants. Participants expressed that the workshop has deepened their understanding of Tai O's culture and the experience of riding a sampan was an unforgettable memory in their lives.

The "Tai O Traditional Sampan Workshop" consisted of two parts, the "Sampan Construction Exploration" and "Sampan Water Village Tour". In the first part of the workshop, participants learned about the process of building wooden sampans and the principles of yuloh. They then rode on sampans operated by indigenous inhabitants of Tai O who shared the history and culture of sampan as well as stories of fishermen, allowing participants to have a profound experience of Tai O sampan culture and understand the inseparable relationship between fishermen and sampans.