"What’s up? Mangrove Conservation @ Lantau" DIY Workshop

2024.01.27 - 2024.04.13

To promote the "What's up? Mangrove Conservation @ Lantau" exhibition and enhance public awareness of conservation, the Sustainable Lantau Office and The Conservancy Association are jointly organising a total of four workshops: two titled "Hidden Gem in the Sea – Sea Glass Necklace Workshop" and two titled "The Shining "Red" – Mangrove Paste Dye Workshop".

The workshops aim to introduce the conservation value and issues of mangroves to the public via making handcrafts out of resources from mangrove and marine litter. An exhibition guided tour will be arranged for interested participants after the workshop.

Limited slots of the workshops are available and online registration is required before the event. In case of oversubscription, participants will be selected by drawing lots. Participants are required to made a deposit of HK$100, which will be fully refunded upon attendance.

Language: Cantonese
Time: 2 pm to 4 pm (Workshop)
4 pm to 4:30 pm (Exhibition guided tour)
Target: All ages (Children with the company of parents are welcome)

Hidden Gem in the Sea – Sea Glass Necklace Workshop

  • 1st Session
    27th Jan 2024 (Sat)
  • 2nd Session
    23rd Mar 2024 (Sat)

The Shining “Red” – Mangrove Paste Dye Workshop

  • 1st Session
    17th Feb 2024 (Sat)
  • 2nd Session
    13th Apr 2024 (Sat)