“Lantau Impression @ Ecology” Workshop

2023.07.30 & 2023.08.27

In alignment with the "Lantau Impression @ Ecology" Exhibition, the Sustainable Lantau Office has planned workshops with three distinct themes to raise public awareness of conservation. Each workshop will span two days, giving citizens the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Lantau Island's biodiversity and its ecological significance.

Limited slots for the event are available on a first-come-first-served basis. We recommend that the public register online in advance at no charge. On-site registration is also welcome if slots are available on the day of the event.

Location:  Tung Chung Community Liaison Centre, 13 Tung Chung Waterfront Road, Tung Chung
Date:  (Each workshop theme will have a two-day event, please refer to the dates below)
Language:  Cantonese
Time:  Three sessions will be held each day

Theme 1:The Soil is Alive! Did you know the soil beneath our feet is teeming with life? Join our workshop to learn about the wonderful critters found in Lantau's soil. The session will include a microscopic journey of real soil samples taken from across the island – let's see what amazing creatures we can find!

Target: 8+ years old
Dates: 30th July 2023, 27th August 2023 Registration (Closed)
Theme 2:What's that Sound? Do you hear the hoo-hoo coming from the trees, or the ribbit-ribbit by the stream? There are many ways to appreciate the wildlife around you, including using your ears! In this workshop you will gain tips on using your hearing to engage with nature, learn to identify some Lantau animal calls, and explore how and why some of these sounds are produced.

Target: 8+ years old
Dates: 17th September 2023, 15th October 2023 Registration (Closed)
Theme 3:Design Your Own Animal Animals have amazing adaptations to help them catch their next meal, soar high above the clouds, or hide from predators. In this workshop, we will explore some of these adaptations so that you can design an animal of your own.

Target: All ages
Dates: 19th November 2023, 10th December 2023 Registration (Closed)