Briefing on the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint at Tung Chung


A briefing on Sustainable Lantau Blueprint organized by the Civil Engineering and Development Department was held at Tung Chung on 16 September 2017.

Above 190 residents among some 31,000 households in Tung Chung (with invitation sent), attended the briefing. 40 participants submitted the opinion forms and 22 of them were drawn out to speak or had their opinions read out by the facilitator. Around 20 participants used the simultaneous interpretation service provided.

The comments received mainly focused on the traffic and transport issues in Lantau in particular the urge to improve local transport services in Tung Chung; strengthen the connections between Tung Chung and the Airport island and in south Lantau; early implementation of the proposed Tung Chung West and Tung Chung East railway stations, etc. Besides traffic and transport issues, some participants raised concerns on the potential land use and environmental impacts brought about by the proposed developments in Lantau including Tung Chung. Moreover, some comments touched on the provision of community facilities to meet the need of the public and the minority groups living in Tung Chung.

A list of the detailed comments received is appended here.

We value your feedback. All those views and comments received will be studied thoroughly.

We hope to see you soon in the coming events.