Briefing on the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint at Mui Wo


A briefing on Sustainable Lantau Blueprint to local residents, organized by the Civil Engineering and Development Department, was held at Mui Wo on 9 August 2017.

Over 200 residents among some 4,000 households in South Lantau (with invitations sent), attended the briefing. 59 participants submitted the opinion forms. Due to time constraint, 15 no. had the opportunity to speak or had their opinions read out by the facilitator. Seven others just stated that they would like to speak, without writing any opinion on the form. Around 55 participants used the simultaneous interpretation service provided.

Many opinions collected are concerning local community issues e.g. provision of community facilities. Others are related to the need for the East Lantau Metropolis (ELM), a strategic growth area of Hong Kong in the long term, conservation issues and provision of transport facilities, etc.

A list of the detailed comments received is appended here.

We value your feedback. All those views and comments received will be studied thoroughly.

We hope to see you soon in the coming events.