The baseline studies aim to identify the cultural traditions and evaluate the cultural and historical significance of various rural villages and their neighbouring areas.

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Cultural and Historical Studies for Rural Villages
  • Tung Chung to Tai O
  • Pui O, Shui Hau and Neighbouring Areas
  • Lantau Mountain Camp in Yi Tung Shan
  • Yi O, Fan Lau and Tai Long Wan Areas

Scope of Works

  1. Conduct baseline studies of the rural villages and cultural heritage resources in the study areas; and
  2. Review cultural and historical characteristics of the study areas and explore appropriate conservation proposals.

Study Reports

* The Sustainable Lantau Office (SLO) commissioned consultants to conduct preliminary baseline studies on the culture and history of different villages Island, to propose conservation recommendations. These reports are for reference only. For any enquiries, please contact SLO.