Funding applications for nine relevant approved projects on nature conservation in South Lantau

The Secretariat of the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) today (April 19) said that a total of nine projects on nature conservation in South Lantau have been approved under the Environmental Education and Community Action (EE&CA) Projects funding scheme with a total grant of around $9 million.

To help realise the vision of balancing development and conservation embraced under the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint, since 2017/18, the ECF has set up a special theme of Nature Conservation in South Lantau for EE&CA projects to support non-profit-making organisations in taking forward community engagement and education activities on nature conservation in South Lantau.

Through the approved projects, we aims to promote nature conservation to the general public; enhance their environmental awareness and knowledge, and facilitate the sustainable development of South Lantau, thereby achieving the objective of conserving South Lantau through community involvement. Details of the nine approved projects are available on the ECF’s website.

In 2018/19, the ECF has also earmarked $10 million to support EE&CA Projects on Conservation in South Lantau. Invitation of applications is tentatively scheduled in the third quarter of this year. Interested local non-profit-making organisations may refer to the EE&CA Projects Website for details nearer the time.

April 19, 2018 (Thursday)